30 December 2019

different people do different things.

jogging past the walgreens today, i hear "'scuse me! 'scuse me!" from a small white SUV in the parking lot. i figure she needs directions and that she can find someone better than me to get them from -- plus, i've just received the go-ahead from a man exiting the walgreens parking lot and need to keep moving in order to stay warm.

i work my way around starbucks and over behind publix, and again I hear "'scuse me! 'scuse me!". lo & behold, stopped right there in the middle of the dead end street is the white SUV from the walgreens parking lot. so i pause my jog and give her a May I Help You look and she leans across to holler out the passenger's side window: "I just want to know if you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior!"

(i thought this showed quite a commitment to evangelism, to chase me down like that.)

for myself, having a bit of southern baptist in me and having once been baptized in a crick, i feel justified in telling her "yes!" with a smile and a wave, but it looks like she might get out of the vehicle, so i go ahead and throw in an overhead-double-jazz-hands "hallelujah!" which seems to satisfy her, as she waves and rolls up the window.

what i conclude is that her 2019 new year's resolution was "save me 50 souls for jesus" and she left the completion of said resolution a little late in the game, boxing herself into the "chase down strangers" corner. like my mama said, different people do different things.

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