09 February 2017

a pain in the... blessings

he was all like, let's take your car to get the oil changed after work, and i was all, what a pain in the ass.


in the interest of turning that frown upside down, i'll count my blessings.

- a car

- a car that's in good enough shape to be worth doing routine maintenance

- money to pay for routine maintenance

- a place i trust to do the maintenance

- a place i trust to do the maintenance, that stays open late

- someone who will pack my running togs and bring them to me at the car maintenance place so i can run while the car's getting its maintenance done

- safe sidewalks to run on near the car place

- safe sidewalks to run on

- safe sidewalks

- sidewalks

- safety

- warm running togs

- legs that work, and feet, and arms, and  lungs, and heart, and eyes, and nose, and mouth, and, and, and...

- a thick coat after a cold run

- asiago cheese bagel & tomato soup

- fresh coffee

- good company to share a late supper

-  money for food

- a clean, well-lit place to eat 

- a hot shower at home

- a hot shower

- a shower

- a home

- clean clothes after a hot shower after a hearty supper after a cold run after an arrangement for car maintenance after a day at work after a nourishing breakfast after a good night's sleep