14 September 2019

don't know what the solution might be

i had an idea for a blog post, and wanted to link it to a previous post, and so i went to look for that previous post, and oh. oh. oh my, i used to be a writer. prose and poetry, essays and dreams. oh my. what has happened to me. i can blame busyness, but it doesn't make me feel any better about myself.

the blog post i wanted to write is to capture my idea of an infinite toolbox. when 3-D printers are in the home, see, you can have one that prints tools as you need them. this would go for garage tools, kitchen tools, and so on. you print what you need, and if it is not something you will use everyday, you just toss the plastic or metal back into the bin that feeds the printer, and when you need another tool, you print it.

cool, huh?

well, i wrote a post once about a skype wall, where you can sit down with far-flung friends and family, and have a meal together by skype. you can sit side-by-side by the screen, and it's like being at table together. now it's nearly coming true with those portal devices that are available. so, i wanted to say, here's my new idea and maybe it will come true like my old idea.

but i got sad when i saw how wonderful a writer i used to be, and i thought about how i don't do that anymore.

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