12 June 2017

when we lived by the lake

it was a very mod house with a sunken living room which we were not allowed to go into except sometimes to use the stereo, so that is where i went to listen to the 45 of saturday night (by the bay city rollers) which my brother had given me for my ninth birthday, and also to play my brother's 45 of the theme from SWAT, to which my friend jenny (of the long blonde hair) and i choreographed an entire dance sequence.

07 June 2017

wacing wednesday

for the decades that i have been on the daily commute, the morning drive on the third day of the week has been nothing more than a mad dash to the city. i don't know what it is about wednesday that makes everyone in such a hurry to get to work, but it's common enough to be distinctly noticeable.

well. noticeable to me, at least. so much so that back when i was carpooling, i nicknamed this commute "wacing wednesday". (by nicknamed i mean, said it to myself.)

you have to stay out of the way on wednesday, or you'll get knocked out of the way. today for instance, there were three traffic stopping wrecks and one strategically placed fender bender.

you could say that the wrecks slow people down so they speed to make up for it, but i would say to you - what caused the wreck. five'll get you ten that speed caused the wreck. speed comes first on wacing wednesdays. and then, it's not merely speed. the competitive darting in and out of traffic lanes turns it into nascar out there. all these doofuses (doofae?) careening down the freeway it's no wonder they are bumping into each other.

but what's making them want to go so fast, on wednesday? is wednesday traditionally donut day at offices across town but all offices have just barely not enough donuts to go around and so folks are wanting to speed on in to get 'em a donut? or, is unassuming l'il ol' tuesday night actually a night people stay up late, and then they are tired and sleep in, and then they are late for work, so they speed in? or, is everyone just letting off a little collective hump day steam?

like so many things in this world... i bear witness to it, but i don't understand it.

06 June 2017

i think i could keep the toast rack and still make it work.

over the past couple days, i have seen license plates from a variety of places while on my 20-mile commute to work.

in order of appearance:

north dakota
south carolina
new mexico

connecticut is nearly 1,000 miles away. new mexico is 1,200. north dakota around 1,300. california over 2,100.

what are these people doing here?

have they moved here and not yet changed their license?

are they visiting on business?

are they on vacation?

if they are on vacation, i wouldn't expect to see them on my commute. they'd be much more likely to go to one of the tourist areas and stay there.

if they are on business from california, well... come on. they'd take a plane.

most likely thing i can think of is that they have moved here. from what i have heard, nearly 100 people move into this area every day, so it only stands to reason we'd get some from faraway places.

not in the past couple days, but in the past i have seen alaska plates, and also some from canada. that's a long way to drive a car, just to have that car when you get to your new location. i mean, you're putting a lot of miles on it in one pop. how great can that car be? sell it and get another when you get here.

unless you don't have much stuff. maybe you just pack up your stuff in your car and moved it all down. no moving vans for you!

that'd be pretty sweet, actually. i mean, not that i don't heart my toast rack like, a lot-lot, but to only have as much stuff as will fit in the car... or, even better, to only have enough stuff as will fit in the car while still having space to see out the back window.

if my life had that kinda simplicity, i'd put it in my car and haul it a couple thousand miles, just because i could.

04 June 2017

high boredom tolerance

going to the grocery store is a bit boring. or, maybe not boring exactly, because i don't feel bored when i go.... it's nearly the same thing every time, just a small variations on a theme. so, maybe it should be boring?

when i imagine looking for different stuff, like ingredients for something new, it doesn't feel so much "interesting" as "pain in the ass". so maybe i like being bored?

i can make a grocery list without really trying and i can walk around the grocery and pick up stuff we need or will use without really trying. if i get something and we already have one of them, it's okay because we'll use it because it's the same as the other stuff we have that we'll use. we eat the same stuff over and over, so i buy the same stuff over and over.

but it's not boring.

is it?

i don't experience it boredom. i don't feel that impatience that i get when i am bored, when i want the waiting to be over and for something to happen. it's not like that.

but, should it be? should it be boring? should i experience boredom with doing the same thing over and over, buying the same thing over and over, eating the same thing over and over? and if i am not, then why am i not bored -- with doing the same thing over and over, buying the same thing over and over, eating the same thing over and over?

i'm adventurous. i like to try new things, eat at new places, travel.

but at the same time, i am not bored (in this case) doing the same thing. i am not thrilled, excited, can't wait until grocery day gets here. it's not like that. but - i am also definitely not bored.

but, should i be?

am i too simpleminded to realize when i should be bored?

and if i don't realize i am bored, who's to say i should be?

or, maybe i am bored, and don't realize that i am. is that even possible?

maybe i have a really high boredom tolerance. like having a high pain tolerance and walking around with a broken ankle and not even knowing it, not experiencing the pain -- maybe like that, i walk around doing really boring things and don't experience boredom.

obvs that would come in handy when faced with those repetitive experiences in life, but would a high boredom tolerance keep me stuck doing the same stuff and not knowing there's more out there? but would i care if there is more if i weren't even experiencing boredom?

a high pain tolerance can lead to bodily damage. if i don't know i have a broken ankle, and i walk around on it, i can make it worse and damage it in a way that it becomes unusable.

what sort of damage does a high boredom tolerance lead to? if i don't know i am walking around in the same paths, and i keep walking around in them, what am i making worse... what thing am i damaging in a way that would make that thing become unusable?