28 September 2016

life after r&i

one of my favorite shows - rizzoli & isles - has its final season this summer, so i'm shopping for something new. i mean, i can watch r&i in reruns or dvd or whatnot, but one of the best things about the show was how current it was, so that currency would go away and it won't be as good. tonight i watched the premier of "bull" and i also have "notorious" scheduled for recording. bull was good, i liked it. it's about a jury consultant, which is fresh, and the pilot had some hints towards well-rounded characters, and the plot was twisty. overall, quite promising.

27 September 2016

thoughts while watching The Voice


- vcr - an exciting way to watch movies - at home!
- pagers - never be out of reach!
- cassette tape - listen to music - in your car! without those wacked out 8-tracks!
- fax - send paper notes! immediately! without sending paper!
- saturn cars - really more of a different business model than actual different technology...

so here we are in 2016. all these things have come and lived and gone away again in like the past 40 years - or even less.

how many people living in 1916 or 1816 or 1716 or 1616 or you know, any other '16, would have seen five full-fledged inventions come and go? these things weren't just minor or poorly accepted or underfunded. these were part of the culture. part of the culture!

and really, this is my measly little list. the things i thought of off the top of my head. i am sure there are other examples, although probably not as good as these examples.

think about it:

1. invented

2. spread beyond early adopters to full immersion in the culture

3. whoosh. tumbleweeds. gone.

back in like 1616 people were certainly thinking of stuff. you know they were inventing stuff in 1916. and at any time, sure, things are passing out of common use. but, passing COMPLETELY out of use? and, within 40 or fewer years of coming to prominence? and, so MANY things?

i am saying the life cycle is quicker. that is what i am saying.

26 September 2016

proximo sum

remember this? proximo arcanum

well, guess what i found... :)

i went back to that same place to run, and this time i paid a bit more attention to my surroundings. i saw this:

hm. looks foreboding, right? but i decided to go ahead and peek around the corner...

it's the lake!

okay. it's muuuuuch more of a pond than a lake, but still. a body of water, right there. basically just behind where i was parked, this time AND the last time. way to turn around while keeping your eyes open, ace. it's like, right there and sort of the opposite of a mystery. i didn't even have to go into any woods or even take more than like 50 steps from the parking area.

observations r us!!

24 September 2016

in short...

i found something today that i was pretty excited to tell you about, but my computer is being weird so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

23 September 2016

block wall

i've been sitting here for 20 minutes with an open computer on my lap trying to get inspiration to come to me. it's like calling for a kid who's outside playing.

inspira-a-ation! inspira-a-a-a-a-ation! time to come in!

inspiration does not want to come in. what's a girl to do?

i know, 20 minutes isn't a log time. i don't guess you can call it writer's block after just 20 minutes, but i am pretty sure you can call it blogger's block.

either way the result is the same: i can't think of anything to say.

22 September 2016

pottermore update

do you use pottermore? in case you do not, a quick explanation: you are a loser. haha. srsly, you're a loser, but an explanation of pottermore is that it's a place to find additional background info on the WIZARDING WORLD of harry potter. (i am careful to say WIZARDING WORLD and not like "world of hogwarts" because those denizens of pottermore can be real sticklers for correctness and cruciatus hurts.) if you don't know about harry potter then just stop reading now and go pick your nose.

today they announced a new feature - discover your patronus. sweet! first i had to remember (i.e., reset) my password, then i did the patronus test. they flash up sets of words like shine/glitter/glow, rough/smooth, play/prowl/[something i can't remember], black/white/grey, who/why, and i don't remember the rest (which is pretty aggravating), but for each set you just pick whichever strikes your fancy. after the series of questions, the system assigns you a patronus.

i got eagle and i'm pretty happy with that. i mean, my first choice would have been fox because... fox. but eagle is cool. it's a patronus i can be proud of.

there's another new feature at pottermore - get sorted at ilvermorny. i read some of the writings there but not sure i am ready to get sorted. too many distractions around here. you have to be careful with these things or you could wind up in hufflepuff, or, you know.... pukwudgie. (omg, am i right??)

i used to hang out in pottermore a lot. there were all these "moments" lifted from the books, and you could visit the scenes and collect virtual trinkets and whatnot. it was a wonderful combination of the books and interactivity.

then the creators decided to trash all that fun and replace it with loads of content. it's okay. i mean, i like to read some of the stuff, but it's all one-sided now -- all reading, no games. there's no way to just dip in and interact - you have to commit too much time at any given time, so i end up committing none.

until today when the patronus discovery showed up. it was short and fun. why can't they have more of that?

21 September 2016

of troll tongues and sermon chairs

just learned about a situation i need to bring to your attention: these dramatic cliffs in norway are visited by many insane people.

the two most popular cliffs are trolltunga, which is norwegian for troll tongue, and preikestolen, which they say means preacher rock, but if you put it through google translate it'll tell you "sermon chair". whatevs. let's not lose focus on the real issue: crazy people on dramatic cliffs.

here. let me show you.

who jumps for joy on a freaking cliff?? batshit, am i right?

oh, what? you need more evidence?

here's more.

and some more.

oh, and this one - kids on a cliff?? freaking child abuse!

here's one more. this, my friends, is the road to troll's tongue.

that's one seussian road right there. just the exact type of nutty road that crazy people drive on in order to leap in the air on the edge of a dramatic cliff.

that's all the evidence i can scrounge up on short notice. if you're not with me here on the conclusion that these people are batshit, then we'll just have to agree to agree that i'm right.

because you know i am.

20 September 2016

back you go

a blue world
in a black sky
and a little bird
who flew so high
so high

a wind blew
and a rain came
and the little bird
went home again

mama bird said
oh little one
you can't come home
when there's no sun
no son

back you go
get out there
go fly high
in stormy air
stormy air

a blue world
in a black sky
and a little bird
who flew so high
so high

a wind blew
and a rain came
and the little bird
went out again

19 September 2016


a few weeks ago, i decided to pare down my everyday carryall from a large backpack to a purse. "grow up" i said to myself. so i took my backpack stuff and stuffed it in my purse. uh. oh em gee? how much freaking stuff do i freaking carry around??

obvs i need to go back to the backpack.

just kidding.

obvs i need to get rid of some of this shit.

right? i mean, that's the right choice, right? right. of course, right. right.

so, okay, i need to get rid of some stuff. how hard could that be? just take some stuff out and don't put it back in. easy.... easy. hm. this? nope. that? nope. i 100% absolutely need every single thing i am carry around. i mean, not like "every day" per se, but like in case.

.....i need three pens in case the first two don't work.
.....i need multiple packs of kleenex in case of a nose-running emergency.
.....i need a tape measure in case something in the world is unmeasured.
.....i need a watch in case the unmeasured quantity is time.
.....i need a plastic fork, knife, and spoon in case i have food but no way to eat it.
.....i need barrettes and wet wipes and a groceries bag and cough drops and... and... and...

i need it all!!

what to do. what to do. i considered again returning to big ol' backpack. sweet big ol' backpack. backpack didn't ask me to make choices. backpack held all my stuff in all its many interior pockets. backpack didn't judge. backpack just loved -- loved all my stuff. backpack was inclusive.

being still unsure, i talked it over with a trusted advisor, and she in all her wisdom said, "just take out one thing each week." oh, hey now. even i can do that! the first week, i took out the extra pad of paper and a couple of pens. then i took out the watch. then the extra kleenex. and, so on, but pretty soon it got down to the difficult stuff. i mean, who does NOT need a plastic fork, knife, and spoon?? you know you do, so shut up.


i needed my wallet more. i needed my burts bees more. i needed my actual journal of paper more. i needed some things more than others and so i made lots of choices and this picture shows what didn't make the cut.

so, i did it!

well, sort of.

thing is....

honestly? i still feel like i have too much stuff. that said, i also feel like i need all the stuff. i can't figure out anything else to take out. the iron pills? my phone charger? sure, some people don't carry around a journal, but damn, what the hell is the purse's purpose if not to carry a journal? and reading glasses? and hand sanitizer? and a tiny screwdriver?

i mean, what? what else could be the pursepose?

18 September 2016


i was holding my book list to the end of the year, but i went ahead and published it to share with someone who is looking for audiobook recommendations. that's just the kind of caring and sweet person i am. it has nothing to do with being too lazy to copy the list into an email or somesuch. my nice totally outweighs my lazy.

as you can see in the book list post, audiobooks have so far by far won the content consumption race. unless i completely stop listening and read like a million1 books, audiobooks will come out on top, and i'll let you in on a little secret: that's not going to happen.

audiobooks have revolutionized my daily commute in such a dramatic way that i actually look forward to getting in the car. although, not in such a dramatic way that i want to be in the car for an hour (which is what it often seems to require these days), when i do end up in the car for an hour, the experience is closer to enjoyable on the scale of hellish to enjoyable.

i was reading on my lunch hour, but every day now i seem to be working on my lunch hour. a year ago, i would exercise on my lunch hour, but for the past year, i haven't had access to shower facilities for post-exercise return to work. at first, i switched from exercising to reading & eating. now, i have successfully made the shift away from doing anything self-related during the workday2. i realize this is not an incredibly healthy practice, so feel free not to lecture me.

this has made me a bit nostalgic for reading. maybe i'll go do that3 now.

1where "a million" means 23.
2restroom visits excluded.
3where "that" is watch tv.

16 September 2016

creepy peepers

targeted ads are like stalkers, peeping in through my microsoft windows, watching me take a virtual bubble bath. word on the street is the millennials like the creepy buggers. is that true? those weird children like all sorts of weird shit. as for me, today i got an ad for tickets to the wiggles in baltimore, and as i am in neither the baltimore demographic nor the wiggles demographic, i feel this is pretty much a win for stealthdom.

that said, there IS a bit of peeping that would add value at online retailers - look in my cart and tell me if i am freaking ordering two of the same bloody thing! see, i have all these pretend dollars to spend at banana republic (the parent company of gap and old navy), so i loaded up a virtual cart of old navy cardigans and one dress. when i got the shipment notification with a list of my shipment (i.e., the former occupants of my shopping cart), what to my wondering eyes should appear but two (2!!) of the dress.

what the hell, old navy?? in what universe do people want two of the exact same piece of clothing that isn't a standard tee shirt or somesuch? in what universe?? not this one, that's for damn sure.

how hard would it have been for old navy to have stopped and asked me to confirm that i want 2 of x? yeah, i am thinking not that hard. "you have ordered two of the exact same thing. confirm?" i mean, they are churning up a custom email based on the contents of my cart as soon as i put anydamnthing in it. maybe "two of the exact same thing" could trigger a wee alert? seriously, as long as you are looking, make yourself useful!

i cherish your thoughts on this grave matter.

15 September 2016

caught blogging

yesterday fbi director james comey advised us all to put a piece of tape over our webcams when we're not using them. i can't decide if that's bizarrely paranoid or immensely practical. i mean, it seems pretty bourne-identity to me. i assume my home wireless security protects my email and bookkeeping - why shouldn't i assume it's protecting my camera? along those lines, who is going to mess with accessing my webcam? all that they would see is me nodding off while attempting to compose a wee blog.

14 September 2016

12 v's to the printer

my computer wanted to update tonight. i was all like, fine, let's update, but then it told me it would take SEVERAL HOURS. omg. what the hell, ubuntu. who has several hours to update their computer? not i, said the fly.

admittedly, it's from v4 to v16. that's 12 v's, so i guess it's reasonable to assume that would take some time. probably 1 or 2 v's would be quicker. why did i wait until the v's were up to 12? hmmm, well, i really have no idea how that happened. oh, wait, this is how it happened - ubuntu never asked to be updated before. jeez, ubuntu. it's been years. YEARS. and you're just now asking to be updated? and, not like 1 or 2 v's... T.W.E.L.V.E. V's!!

you might wonder if i wondered: why, for all these years, wasn't it asking to be updated? i mean, computers ask to be updated all the time. didn't it strike me as strange that this one wasn't asking? well, i certainly would have wondered that, except for the fact that it HAS been asking to get updated. it's been asking like all the time -- and i've been giving it permission! if it's been asking all this time and i've been saying okay all this time, how did it get 12 v's behind??



now i am sort of at a loss. do i update? i probably should. the system would probably work better. but... hours? HOURS?? and - AND - what exactly would be better about it? what would this update improve? better be something worth hours of my life because the same message that said it would take hours also said it was irreversible. what if i take this hours-long irreversible path, and when i get to the other end, i can't print? what then??

13 September 2016


light. dark. light. dark. light. dark.

most of the time it's dark, of course. they reach in here maybe 6, 8 times per day. i mean, how many times do you need a spoon? not very often. maybe 6, 8 times per day.

but that's fine with me because what happens when they take me out. they stick my head in a hot cup of coffee or a cold bowl of cereal. and then? then? haha. ha. 9 times out of 10 they poke me in their mouth!

uurrrrgh. *shiver*

give me the good old cutlery drawer anytime.


the book which i'm currently listening to describes a writing exercise where you take the point of view of an inanimate object. i am not sure i am on the right track here.

12 September 2016

bourne popularity

flipping through the channels last night, we caught "bourne ultimatum". watching it, i realised why those bourne movies are so popular. i mean, duh, they are well-written, but it's basically the same story over and over again. what's so special about it? here's my theory: it's got something for the guys and something for the girls.

like this:

something for the guys - things blow up
something for the girls - matt damon

something for the guys - fancy cars
something for the girls - office supplies

something for the guys - julia stiles
something for the girls - julia stiles

something for the guys - fist fights
something for the girls - fashion

something for the guys - guy expertly assembles firearm
something for the girls - girl expertly cuts & dyes own hair

something for the guys - motorcycle chases
something for the girls - exotic locations

guys like fast cars, explosions, and blood. girls like self-chopped hair and manila folders filled with crispy redacted pages. everyone loves julia stiles.

11 September 2016

eleanor & park with blogging and baristas

i am listening to the audiobook "eleanor & park". i mean, like i am listening to it literally right now. which is weird because i am also trying to blog. it's two things i really really really want to do, but i am not certain it's two things that can be done simultaneously. this book is so, so good that i want listen to it all the time, but listening to one thing and thinking about writing something else is just about as challenging as it sounds.

oh, wait. hey. the barista, like, just found the music and turned it way the fuck up up up. i can't even hear my audiobook and the freaking earbuds are jammed in my literal ears. damn.

going outside....

wow. that was completely ridiculous. the barista cranks up the music and people crank up their conversations. it was so pleasant, just sitting in sweet quiet communion with other coffee drinkers. i am pretty sure the baristas crank up the music to drive people away. the sooner everyone leaves, the sooner they can clean up and close the store.

my starbucks has the worst baristas. it doesn't matter how long they've worked there - if they are new, if they've been there a million years, it's all the same. they are the most selfish baristas. all they care about is talking to each other through their drive-thru headsets and running the customers out so they can close up early due to "lack of business". they closed up one time when it was snowy, so there was no sitting outside that day, and i had to walk down to the publix and sit at the tables where the staff eats their lunch. thanks for nothing, baristas.

is this working? is this making any sense? the book is getting pretty good. i think it's going to get my full attention now.

10 September 2016

proximo arcanum

i haven't been running enough lately and i am really trying to do it more often, so today i drove a couple miles to run on a fresh stretch of sidewalk near some new houses. it was okay and all, but that's not the point. the point is that while i was mapping my run to log it, i saw on the map that there's a lake behind the trees across the road from the sidewalk. a lake?? i had no idea.

apparently it's a reservoir and it even has a name. i'm intrigued now and want to go back over there and find out if i can get through the trees to the lake. i mean, not right this minute since it's like a quarter to 2100 hours, but you know, when it's daylight.

i want to get back in there and find the lake and see it for myself. it's not that i don't believe it's there or that i can't look at a picture to see what it looks like. it's that i want to experience the seeing of the thing by allowing my eyeballs to direct light rays to my optic nerve which will send impressions to my brain for interpretation and storage. i want to see it for myself.

it's not doubt - it's curiosity. and not the kind of curiosity that can be sated with second-hand reports. it's the kind of curiosity that requires my going TO and seeing OF. having given it some thought, i believe it's this way because of proximity and mystery.

firstly, the damn lake was right there! and, it's still right there - like two miles from my house. i'm curious about the eiffel tower, too, but the logistics of putting my optic nerves in striking distance of mr eiffel's wonder are a bit more complex. secondly, the lake shows up on maps but can't be seen from the road. not everyone who goes by it every single day has ever seen it, and probably most of them don't even know it's there at all. the damn lake crouches behind those trees like a kid hide-and-seeking under the bed. i want to go to the lake and share in its mystery.

when i get a chance to accomplish this, i'll let you know what i discover.