01 April 2017

lazy daisy

there are so many chores i don't like doing. cleaning, yard work, laundry. i don't mind cooking, most of the time. i don't mind making the bed. but i'd rather run 10 miles than clean the bathroom and i'd do just about anything to get out of weeding the yard. on the one hand i am lazy, but on the other hand, do lazy people run 10 miles? not that i am running 10 miles right now, thanks to my stretchnesia-induced tendinitis, but i think you see what i am saying.

i am saying, what's lazy? is lazy "doing nothing"? or, is lazy avoiding duties in favour of doing something you'd rather do? and, does doing something you'd rather do only qualify as "not lazy" if it's something other people would call difficult?

i'd rather run 10 miles than clean the bathroom. i'd also rather run 10 miles than do my taxes. but, i'd rather do my taxes than clean the bathroom, and above all, i'd rather drink coffee and read. off all of those, i'd say the coffee and reading is lazy, but reading is only lazy if you're good at it and enjoy it. reading is a chore if you're bad at it. reading is a chore if the book isn't well-written or if it's required reading for a class. so, cleaning the bathroom could qualify as lazy if you're doing it to get out of some sort of required reading.

so, what is lazy?

right now, i am sitting in a recliner, watching a jimmy fallon off the DVR, and typing you a little missive. potentially lazy, but i've set myself the chore of frequent writing, so...