20 July 2016

obviously full of something

so, you don't want to talk current events? okay.

last night we had what looked to be a full moon. tonight, it looked big and full again, so i googled it up to be sure. turns out, it was full last night and according to full moon calendar, it was the "buck moon". what the hell is the buck moon, you ask? well, i will tell you. it's when the everyone runs around buck naked. HA. i kid.

the july full moon is known as: hot sun, hay, thunder, buffalo, and buck.

-- hot sun. well, that's obvious - it's july, the sun is hot. that said, seems sad to name the moon for the sun. i mean, the moon spends its entire existence reflecting the sun, seems like the least we could do is give it its own name.

-- hay. again, obvious. hay ripens in the summer.

-- thunder. lots of thunderstorms in the summer.

-- buck. i had to research this one. turns out that young male deer (a.k.a. bucks) begin to grow antlers in mid-summer.

-- buffalo. i didn't find anything specific on this one but did find that august's sturgeon moon was so named by native americans because august is a good month to catch sturgeon in the great lakes area. frankly, i don't believe that the natives called them "sturgeon" but whatever. now, based on this, i assume "buffalo moon" has to do with july being a good time to hunt buffalo.

so, that's july, and i am not going into that amount of detail for the remaining months. you can research those yourself. for some months, i found multiple names

january - wolf, black snake
february - snow, raccoon, hunger, bare spots on the ground (WTF??)
march - worm, crow, little grass
april - pink, duck, goose egg (duck-duck-goose moon!)
may - flower, milk
june - strawberry, mead, rose
july - (SEE ABOVE!)
august - sturgeon, green corn, grain
september - harvest, wild rice, full corn, red plum
october - hunter, nut, blood
november - beaver, frost
december - oak, cold, long night

note that there is no "blue corn moon" as per disney's pocahontas. most likely, the "green corn moon" just didn't sound right.

note that march, the month of my birth, is the WORM MOON. i am currently ambivalent about this.


17 July 2016

bigger than a tweet

just now, multiple police officers were shot in baton rouge and at least two were killed. i am watching the news unfold and getting a small taste of what it feels like to live in the wild west, or modern-day mexico.

we have enough external enemies without fighting so violently amongst ourselves.

but, what can *I* do? what can any one person do to alleviate the extreme tension between law enforcement and communities?

i can choose carefully and thoughtfully whom i vote for.

i can be kind and pay kindness forward.

i can make my bed.

i can be vigilantly alert and aware of my surroundings, defusing tensions if possible and protecting myself when necessary.

but it's frustrating - to put it mildly - that none of what i can do really makes any difference.

i'm open to suggestions. what else can i - can any one person - do? leave your thoughts in the comments. maybe together we can come up with some concrete actions we can each take.