07 June 2017

wacing wednesday

for the decades that i have been on the daily commute, the morning drive on the third day of the week has been nothing more than a mad dash to the city. i don't know what it is about wednesday that makes everyone in such a hurry to get to work, but it's common enough to be distinctly noticeable.

well. noticeable to me, at least. so much so that back when i was carpooling, i nicknamed this commute "wacing wednesday". (by nicknamed i mean, said it to myself.)

you have to stay out of the way on wednesday, or you'll get knocked out of the way. today for instance, there were three traffic stopping wrecks and one strategically placed fender bender.

you could say that the wrecks slow people down so they speed to make up for it, but i would say to you - what caused the wreck. five'll get you ten that speed caused the wreck. speed comes first on wacing wednesdays. and then, it's not merely speed. the competitive darting in and out of traffic lanes turns it into nascar out there. all these doofuses (doofae?) careening down the freeway it's no wonder they are bumping into each other.

but what's making them want to go so fast, on wednesday? is wednesday traditionally donut day at offices across town but all offices have just barely not enough donuts to go around and so folks are wanting to speed on in to get 'em a donut? or, is unassuming l'il ol' tuesday night actually a night people stay up late, and then they are tired and sleep in, and then they are late for work, so they speed in? or, is everyone just letting off a little collective hump day steam?

like so many things in this world... i bear witness to it, but i don't understand it.

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