04 June 2017

high boredom tolerance

going to the grocery store is a bit boring. or, maybe not boring exactly, because i don't feel bored when i go.... it's nearly the same thing every time, just a small variations on a theme. so, maybe it should be boring?

when i imagine looking for different stuff, like ingredients for something new, it doesn't feel so much "interesting" as "pain in the ass". so maybe i like being bored?

i can make a grocery list without really trying and i can walk around the grocery and pick up stuff we need or will use without really trying. if i get something and we already have one of them, it's okay because we'll use it because it's the same as the other stuff we have that we'll use. we eat the same stuff over and over, so i buy the same stuff over and over.

but it's not boring.

is it?

i don't experience it boredom. i don't feel that impatience that i get when i am bored, when i want the waiting to be over and for something to happen. it's not like that.

but, should it be? should it be boring? should i experience boredom with doing the same thing over and over, buying the same thing over and over, eating the same thing over and over? and if i am not, then why am i not bored -- with doing the same thing over and over, buying the same thing over and over, eating the same thing over and over?

i'm adventurous. i like to try new things, eat at new places, travel.

but at the same time, i am not bored (in this case) doing the same thing. i am not thrilled, excited, can't wait until grocery day gets here. it's not like that. but - i am also definitely not bored.

but, should i be?

am i too simpleminded to realize when i should be bored?

and if i don't realize i am bored, who's to say i should be?

or, maybe i am bored, and don't realize that i am. is that even possible?

maybe i have a really high boredom tolerance. like having a high pain tolerance and walking around with a broken ankle and not even knowing it, not experiencing the pain -- maybe like that, i walk around doing really boring things and don't experience boredom.

obvs that would come in handy when faced with those repetitive experiences in life, but would a high boredom tolerance keep me stuck doing the same stuff and not knowing there's more out there? but would i care if there is more if i weren't even experiencing boredom?

a high pain tolerance can lead to bodily damage. if i don't know i have a broken ankle, and i walk around on it, i can make it worse and damage it in a way that it becomes unusable.

what sort of damage does a high boredom tolerance lead to? if i don't know i am walking around in the same paths, and i keep walking around in them, what am i making worse... what thing am i damaging in a way that would make that thing become unusable?

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