08 May 2017

of carts and their respective wheels

i was watching this girl on television the other day.

well, i was watching a commercial.

i was watching television where this girl was in this commercial.

thing is, she did a cartwheel.

she did a cartwheel and it struck me.

it struck me that what she did looked different that anything i ever tried related to cartwheels.

everything i ever tried related to cartwheels was focused on propelling myself onto my hands.

everything she did related to cartwheels was focused on propelling herself onto her feet.

she just reached out her arms and flung herself onto her feet by route of going upside down first.

she didn't fall forward or fall backward or land wrong.

she was fluid.

she spun.

like a WHEEL on a CART.

the essential mechanics of it were the same as anything i ever tried.

the difference was,
where i have always been stymied by how to begin,
she just concerned herself with where to end up.

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