02 March 2020

march on

welp, it's march. 

really, though, what could we expect? i mean, february gave its all this year, really left it all on the field. but all good things must come to an end, i suppose, and here we are, gettin' our march on. 

so far this year i have gone to work and gone home -- and all that that entails... food prep, laundry, pumping gas, whatnot. i have tried to get in shape and tripped and cut my knee up, 18 stitches worth. i have listened to more audiobooks than i got around to listing here. i have tried a new restaurant and visited several more, not so new. i have been to NYC and returned home. i have started watching 911: lone star. i have paid my bills and taken my meds and generally been a good girl. 

and here we are in march. 


here we are. 

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