08 March 2018

hotels and me

one of the best things about travelling is staying in hotels.

i like staying in hotels because

10. the kinds of places i stay, you can generally get some breakfast on a tray and bring it back up to the room.

9. little soaps and shampoos in scents i don't use are the bomb-diddly.

8. hotels invariably have accessible, rarely-used stairs. i like using accessible, rarely-used stairs. it somehow makes me feel like i am in the know.

7. thermostat is completely up to me and making a direct affect is quick because it's just one room (plus a bathroom).

6. it's just one room (plus a bathroom) - probably the closest i'll ever get to a tiny house. i'm enamoured of the tiny houses, the epitome of bare essentials.

5. i often travel alone, and i like being alone.

4. giant beds with tons of pillows.

3. if i'm in a hotel, it's because i'm travelling and i like travelling. i like being new places and seeing new places. i like trying different restaurants and going on different streets & sidewalks and looking out the hotel window onto a different town. i like being the stranger, the anonymous stranger.

2. someone else is responsible for the cleaning.

1. when i am in a hotel, my stuff is pared down to the bare essentials. george carlin explains this here. #adultlanguage i love being pared down to the bare essentials. at home, every day, it just isn't possible because the essential activities of living require stuff - pots & pans, multiple pairs of socks, a few lamps, some DVDs... you know. the stuff of life. you can pare this down, but you can't get away from it. until you do. until you leave it... and go to a hotel.